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At Nailsea Commercials the commercial ice cube makers we offer can be used in Bar settings, restaurant and anywhere that requires the production of ice. Our commercial ice cube making machines come in a variety of sizes meaning that the more ice you require the bigger the machine you can go for; perfect for a bar setting. An important element of a restaurant that doesn’t revolve around food are the beverages you will also be serving to customers. Within this area of catering, you want to ensure that all customers receive a chilled and refreshing beverage. With our commercial ice cube makers, you can achieve this. We have a variety of commercial ice cube makers in stock which will enable you to have a constant supply of ice cubes for cooking and beverages. You should heavily consider the capacity of ice that you require on a daily basis from your ice cube maker. We have a range of different sizes for ice cube makers which can suit both small and large bar areas or restaurants. Each product is labelled with the maximum capacity of ice it can produce daily so that you can tailor your choice to the size of your business. It should also be said that different ice cube makers produce different types of ice such as flake ice, cube ice and nugget ice. This will suit different areas of a catering business. With Nailsea Commercial you will always receive a high quality commercial ice cube maker, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can speak to one of our highly experienced team members for advice on your commercial appliances or you can visit our store on Gloucester Road in Bristol if you wish to see our stock of products in person. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction! If you have any questions regarding our commercial ice cub Makers Bristol service please get in touch with a member of the team today!

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