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Our commercial freezer service has two main types of freezer on offer. The first is, an upright freezer and the second is a counter freezer - both of this a perfect for any restaurant environment or food establishment. For those dealing with frozen food on a daily basis, access to a freezer is highly important in the catering industry. There are many different elements to consider when purchasing a commercial freezer such as the capacity, efficiency and extra features. If you’re running a large and busy restaurant you will want to consider a bigger freezer that is able to fulfil the capacities of food you need to store, whereas smaller restaurants may only require a small freezer. You also want to make sure that your freezer is efficient in keeping all of your food frozen as well as being efficient in an energy sense. There are many benefits to purchasing a commercial freezer. Compared to a domestic freezer, commercial freezers are generally bigger and can store more in them due to the larger doors and space inside them. It is also better for you to purchase a commercial freezer as the production of commercial appliances relies solely on the quality and usage of the product. This encourages higher productivity in the kitchen and makes it easier to provide for more customers. With Nailsea Commercial you will always receive a high quality commercial freezer, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You can speak to one of our highly experienced team members for advice on your commercial appliances or you can visit our store on Gloucester Road in Bristol if you wish to see our stock of products in person. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction! If you have any questions regarding our commercial freezer Bristol products or any other products on offer at Nailsea Commercials please get in touch with a member of the team today!

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